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Working in teams? Get Booked!

Booked is a supercharged  To-Do List  for work groups. You can  share your tasks  with your team and consolidate your important assets in one place.  Sync  is included.


Organize your workload.

Your  team members  will automatically get all the tasks and materials they need.  All assets are included. 


Keep all tasks a mouse click away. Concentrate on your own tasks. Easily search for open task - or get the full overview.


Filter by projects or only display projects you’re working on. You can set a default project, too.


Keep your assets next to the tasks. All assets are replicated to your mac. If you need them, they are already in place.

Tasks Projects Assets

Keep everything in sync!

All tasks will be  synced  to all team members. Everybody has their own version of the task. All changes will be  synced back  to everybody.

Booked and BookedServer keep everything in sync

Connect to BookedServer or connect via Team-Mode - everything will be synced. Grab you MacBook and work in the fields - when you return back to the office - everything will be synced. Set up a new team member - everything will be synced.

It’s that easy.


All Booked clients replicate to each other. This is perfect for small teams. You agree upon a common team-code and off you go.

Don’t use this in your favourite cafe right now, the communication is not encrypted and your neighbour could listen in. There will be SSL/TSL quite soon.


All Booked clients connect to a BookedServer. Just grab BookedServer, put it on that Mac in the closet, create some projects and users, assign them to each other and voilà!

Everything you do will be synced to the server. Your co-workers will get all the data they need. You and your team get all the data that belonging to your shared projects. Other projects will not be synced.

If you run a VPN server in your office, you can easily connect to BookedServer from home.

Own your data. Keep it local! And fast.

Keep it all in the house if you want to  control your data.  You can have it  in the cloud , too. If that’s fine with you.*

Local Mode Cloud Mode
Keep data local

You can use the BookedServer to store your data or soon you can set up your own server-box running CouchDB and configure everything with BookedAdmin. This way you keep all your data an your finger tips and you are not dependent of some 3rd party cloud service.

You could install a VPN gateway to grand access to the outside world.

Your data in the cloud

Soon you can store your data in the cloud. You need to use BookedAdmin to setup your Booked environment. This way it is very ease to share your data with people around the world.

No need to set up a VPN.

* Cloudservices or BookedAdmin are not available at the moment. For more infos see here

Get  BookedServer  for free!

Set it up in seconds. It keeps all your workflow together and coordinates the replication to the clients.


Get BookedServer

BookedServer is a stable beta right now. The underlying Database is the wonderful and rock solid Apache CouchDB.